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Specializing in Video Production & Marketing with simple, actionable insights for building
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David Winterrose
Sundance Demo
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Sundance Demo

Sundance Demo

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Consulting & Video Services

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What makes a place tick?

The economic engines that drive your town/central business district, local business or place. I help you define the life blood of your community, and how it fits into a larger regional economy. Video is one of your best tools, when properly implemented. I will guide and assist you in understanding how to reach a new audience, while retaining your current one and gaining new organic traffic from referrals.


I deliver observations, and associated actions, that will help you make meaningful change. What is it that makes your community tick? Who are the businesses that define your community? What are your gaps in the market? Who are you serving well and Who are you not serving? Find solutions, make a plan and take action.

Mega Mixer, photo of crowd at Chamber event

Economic Vitality

I want to help you grow! All economies function as a circular flow between goods/services and money. When you increase this flow, it manifests in a dynamic thriving community.

Athens Theatre DeLand, drone shot, front

Actionable Form

My specialty is production of brief video where I chronicle our insights, with footage from your community. This kind of final deliverable is portable, and can be shared with your stakeholder groups.

David Winterrose speaks at The Money Show in Las Vegas

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