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$44 Billion? Florida & Georgia Film Industry Production, Comparatively.

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Chart-topping year for the film and television industry as productions spent $4.4 billion in Georgia during fiscal year 2022 – a new industry record. Wow, that's a lot of cash! But what about the Sunshine State? Florida may be known for its beautiful beaches and alligator-filled swamps, but it also has the potential to become a major player in the film and television industry.

You see, Florida has a diverse landscape that makes it a prime location for all kinds of productions. Whether you need a bustling city or a sleepy beach town like New Smyrna Beach, Florida's got it all. Plus, with world-renowned theme parks and natural wonders like the Everglades, there's no shortage of breathtaking scenery to capture on film.

But it's not just about the scenery. Florida is also home to some of the best media education programs in the country. Universities like the University of Miami and Full Sail University offer top-notch film and media programs that produce some of the most talented crew members in the industry. And let's not forget about the talented actors and actresses who call Florida home, like John Travolata, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Eva Mendes.

With all of these resources, it's no wonder that the film and television industry in Florida is poised for growth. But in order to truly take off, we need more federal, state, and municipal tax incentives for productions to come and film here. Right now, Georgia is leading the way with its generous tax incentives, which is why so many crew members for Georgia productions are traveling from Florida. But we think it's time for Florida to step up and offer similar incentives to attract more productions.

Not only would this bring more jobs and revenue to the state, but it would also showcase all that Florida has to offer to the rest of the world. From the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast to the vibrant art scene in Miami, there's so much to see and experience in the Sunshine State. And with the right tax incentives, we could bring even more productions to our beautiful state and cement our place in the film and television industry.

So, let's work together to make Florida the next big thing in the film and television industry. With our diverse landscape, talented crew members, and top-notch media education programs, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

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