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Lights, Camera, Community: How Local Filmmakers, Talent & Law Firms Can Thrive in the Film Industry

Updated: Feb 18

Lights, camera...

The film industry is no longer just reserved for Hollywood. Even small towns like DeLand, Florida are beginning to realize the value of including film production in their budgets. By doing so, they are creating opportunities for local videographers, copywriters, and legal firms to specialize in entertainment law and help their towns grow in the arts and business.

At Winterrose Media, I believe that the film industry is the perfect combination of art and commerce. As a local videographer, you have the ability to capture and showcase the beauty and uniqueness of your community to the world. And as a copywriter, you can craft compelling storylines that bring those videos to life.

Take, for instance, Cobb Cole, Attorneys at Law since 1925. This neighborhood Law Firm has been providing legal services to businesses and individuals in DeLand for over 90 years. Their services include contract negotiation and advice to secure financing, they are not only helping local filmmakers, but also strengthening the community's economy and reputation as a film production center. As a legal firm, you have the opportunity to become a go-to resource for local filmmakers, building long-lasting partnerships.

But why stop at DeLand? I think every small town has the potential to become a player in the film industry. By encouraging governments to include film production in their budgets, we can start a chain reaction which will lead to a vibrant community of artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners. By incorporating the Community College & local University media departments, Commissioners, visitors & residents may accomplish more.

Of course, breaking into the film industry is no easy feat. But with the right talents, connections, and mindset, anything is possible. As a local videographer or copywriter, you have the advantage of knowing your community inside and out, giving you a unique perspective that no Hollywood filmmaker could ever match.

The film industry is no longer just for major cities and Hollywood elites. With the right mindset and a little bit of work, local videographers, copywriters, and legal firms can specialize in entertainment law and help their communities thrive in the arts and business. So let's grab our cameras, pens, and legal pads, and make some movie magic!

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