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Sundance Film Festival 2023, Insights

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

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Sundance and Park City Television

The Sundance Film Festival is an annual event held in January in Park City, Utah. The cultural event includes several different components: film screenings, seminars, and various technology forums. The festival also features a competition section that allows indie filmmakers to submit their work for potential screening and awards. In the years prior, local television stations have provided coverage of the film festival on a smaller scale; however, in 2023, the scope of the media attention reached new levels. Many more viewers tuned into their local stations to follow updates from this cultural event. If you are interested in learning more about this event or exploring other similar opportunities, explore further details and watch a demo video below.

Buy an Ad Package during Sundance 2023

Danielle Turner of sister station "TV8 Vail" has taken the lead at Park City Television with new programming nationwide. PCTV's programming isn't just interesting for viewers, it's also quality programming, as evidenced by the awards we've won. PCTV has won many awards, including Emmy's and Utah Broadcaster Awards to name a few. PCTV is the only station that airs daily Sundance Film Festival live shows. Producing approximately 6 1⁄2 hours of daily fresh festival content during the 10-day Festival. One of the greatest benefits it's the fact that PCTV is the default TV Station for most of the local Hotels, with table tents featured on property. This is what the people who are there have playing in their rooms, because we are the community station.

Recently, as part of this 5 time Emmy Award winning team I have sold, Produced and Directed a variety of LIVE television programming, namely "In the Can" the only Official LIVE T.V. program of the Sundance Film Festival. "Soundtrack" featuring various Sundance Film Festival Artists including many of those from the ASCAP Music Cafe.

I am currently working with several bookings and venues again this year. This includes my old friend Charlie Colin of the band "Train" -Charlie is also the Director of Music at Newport Beach Film Festival. LIVE performances for Sundance 2023. One of the exciting things Charlie has on his hands is also a Film being shot in Utah with Director Cameron Nugent "The Forever Gang" featuring Jk Simmons & Taika Waititi producing. Be sure to check out his latest music project to have your soul swimming in magic:

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Would you like your business to be seen and noticed by the biggest names in Hollywood? Place ads and have the opportunity to give gifts from your

business to Actors, Producers, Directors and Artists being featured in-studio. Would you like your card and a gift included in PCTV's "swag-bags" which are given to the show guests? Take a look at this demo reel to see some of the people you may be able to reach with this rare opportunity.

Contact me for details:

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